Increasing farm profits by sharing proven techniques, technologies and actionable insights.



Technology & Diversification

We give you case studies of innovative farming technologies and opportunities

Farmer Direct Savings

We negotiate directly with manufacturers and pass the savings onto you.

Group Buying Power

Using our group buying power to influence suppliers, you get access to super deals

Annual Membership

Consider all the expenses a farm incurs. We can save you money over and over again.

Farm Proven is currently negotiating beneficial member deals with suppliers across the agricultural sector

Enjoy Member Privileges

What’s the offer?

Access savings of $10,000+, privileges and perks

from our growing agricultural supplier network

Get instant access

$60 a month

(Annual Membership)

✓ Use it as much as you like

✓ Access farm proven technology

✓ Improve your pocket profit

Finding savings. Growing Profits.


We believe in finding ways to make farming more profitable for the farmer.

By creating a farmer membership network which allows group negotiating power with suppliers of machinery, fertiliser, feed and a wide range of input costs we can drive down your costs.

Become a Farm Proven member and start saving on farm expenses, gain access to a world class network of farm management tools and find out how the latest technology is being used to benefit on farms.



Smart farmers are now realising that if they club together there are discounts to be had on various farm inputs. Farm Proven makes this easier by approaching suppliers of key agricultural inputs, energy and resources so you can get on with farming.


The world of agriculture is embracing new innovative technologies and it is easy to feel overwhelmed by what’s actually worthwhile. Exciting opportunities in crop monitoring, livestock management, irrigation and soil health will be promoted with technical data for your consideration.


Wading through the huge amount of farm editorial in blog and newspapers can be interesting but if you want to know how much it is going to cost and what the return on investment is Farm Proven will be there to feature field trails and data in a digestible way.



With so much going on in the commercial world of agriculture Farm Proven will provide webinars, podcasts and interviews with some of the leading innovators and practitioners so you can get focused information.

What kind of suppliers do you work with?
We are negotiating with a wide range of suppliers from large multi-nationals to specialist teams. Tell us what or who you would like us to talk to and we can approach them to se if a deal can be achieved. Currently we are seeking supply partners in fertiliser, trace elements, soil improvers , machinery, irrigation, control systems, software, drones & satellites, animal feed.  We will certainly work to get deals on what our members ask for.

Why annual membership?
Taking advantage Farm Proven membership on just one of the major input costs could save you more than the membership fee. Considering how many farm expenses there are it will be a no brainer to rack up savings on farm items you are going to have to buy anyway. Imagine being able to get the benefit of somebody else haggling on your behalf as a part of a larger group.

We set the joining fee at $60/month ($720) which based on the $10,000+ worth of savings seems pretty good value!

Do you have an affiliate program?
Yes. If you recommend Farm Proven to a friend, neighbour or anyone we offer a 20% commission. Sell 5 memberships and get your annual membership FREE! How good is that? Check out our Affiliate page


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Farm Proven provides instant value and connection with some of the best opportunities in agriculture

Enjoy Member Privileges

How Farm Proven Works

Become a Member

Sign up for an annual membership
$60/Month and enjoy a wide
range of discounts, benefits & perks

Access Benefits & Perks

Internet promotions, discount deals
and information about supplies and
services you will appreciate

Agricultural Partners

A wide range of agricultural suppliers
and service providers will be able to offer their
deals to Farm Proven members

Data Collection

Drones, ground sensors,satellite imaging & soil testing


Our network is bound to have just the right solution for your needs

Soil Improvement

Biological fertiliser, soil organism activators, compost & boosters

Livestock Feed

Discounts from participating feed suppliers


Explore how management tools can make your farm thrive


Innovations in software allow for better control and crop outcomes as well as asset tracking.

Agronomy & Supplies

Crop & fodder performance advice & supplies


Learning from others who have worked in the farming industry giving you the edge.