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This product is used by some of Australia’s leading organic herb and vegetable growers to reduce the effects of salinity and to noticeably increase the vitality performance of the soil . Organic Certified.

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Reduces Salinity Issues

Water Optimiser

Biological Health

Profit Yield

Where plants and soil come to life!

BioFlora® nurtures the partnership between crops and soil through biological solutions, which have been empirically proven to stimulate crop yield and quality in a sustainable and cost-efficient manner.

Humega  is comprised of many different characteristics that are not found in most other organic acid products. BioFlora  has unique manufacturing processes that utilize organic extraction methods which help sustain beneficial microorganisms.

Working with Humega will benefit any soil, anywhere in the world. It is a soil recovery product essential to conventional and sustainable growers.

Once soil ecology is working correctly, it is significantly easier to develop a nutrient program to better meet the plant’s growing needs.  It all starts with the soil.

How Can Humega Help Your Soils:

    • Reduce salts
    • Inhibits soil pathogens
    • Saves Water
    • Builds Soil Carbon
    • Enhances N-P-K Applications


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This product is so good it is one of the industries best kept secrets. Anyone using it doesn’t want their competition finding out.

Industry Insider

BioFlora® nurtures the partnership between crops and soil through biological solutions, which have been empirically proven to stimulate crop yield and quality in a sustainable and cost-efficient manner.

Using Humega has been shown to save up to 30% on NPK and herbicide requirements

Nutrient uptake vastly improved due to accelerated biological activity

The Science;


Humates are an intrinsically natural part of the environment; they occur in all soils, waters and sediments that build up within the Earth. Humates arise from the decomposition of plant and animal tissues that have been compressed over millions of years, yet their composition is more stable than that of their precursors. Their size, molecular weight, elemental composition, structure and the number and population of functional groups vary, depending on the origin and age of the material, which is why Global Organics® has made it a top priority to select sites with the greatest consistency.

Our proprietary extraction process maximizes the amount of humic and fulvic acids derived from these materials. Humic and fulvic acids have been proven to increase the rate and percentage of seed germination, stimulate plant growth, amplify root system development, increase biomass yield and provide many other benefits that science is only beginning to fully grasp.

BioFlora® is committed to the development and refining of products that utilize these organic acids in partnership with the Integrated Life Science Research Center®, whose perseverance to understand the complete benefits of these substances is at the forefront of the agricultural scientific community.

The Dirty Work: Red Onion Case Study

BioFlora® was founded in 1972 with a goal to conceptualize, develop, manufacture, market, and deliver a proprietary product line to the agricultural community. Through our innovative products and programs, we provide solutions to our customers in both domestic and international markets. Today, we have over 30 unique proprietary products that benefit growers, retailers and consumers alike. Our organic and sustainable agricultural programs maximize the efficacy and efficiency of traditional agricultural inputs, while being mindful of their environmental impact.

The Onion

The dry onion is a very popular vegetable grown throughout the world for its pungent bulbs and flavorful leaves. There are a variety of culitvars ranging in flavor and colors that vary from red, brown, yellow, and white. Dry onions can be grown on any fertile, well-drained, non-crusting soil, though alkaline soils are preferred for maximum growth.

Dry onions utilize substantial amounts of nutrients, so a common problem faced by growers is over fertilization. This can lead to more complicated issues such as soft bulbs, susceptibility to disease and environmental damage.

Sclerotinia Sclerotorium is a plant pathogenic fungus that can cause a disease called white mold. Sclerotinia sclerotorium can also be known as cottony rot, water soft rot, stem rot, drop, crow rot and blossom blight. A key characteristic of this pathogen is its ability to product black resting structures known as “sclerotia” and white fuzzy growths of mycelium on the plant it infects. This pathogen can occur on many continents and has a wide host range of plants it will infect. When incidence of Sclerotinia sclerotorium is noticed, losses can be severe and quick action should be taken.

Our Field Trial

To assist farmers with the growing problem of disease presence, BioFlora® conducted a field trial to determine if the addition of Humega® to a conventional fertilizer program would help to reduce the incidence of the disease Sclerotinia sclerotorium on Red Star and Burgese onions.

Humega® is our biologically active humic acid, which facilitates soil tilth and boosts microbial activity. Creating a diverse and well populated soil ecology with beneficial microorganisms to help limit the spread of soil-borne plant pathogens.

Our Method

In this trial, the BioFlora® test field was irrigated with Humega® prior to planting. Following this, four subsequent applications of Humega® were added to the drench irrigation system every two weeks. Rates of Humega® varied per individual application based on disease evaluation.

Our Results

The control field had a high infestation rate of Sclerotinia sclerotorium which affected over 70% of its production.

The BioFlora® field on the other hand only had an infestation rate of 0.008% of Sclerotinia Sclerotorium.

BioFlora® field with no visible infestation of the plant disease Sclerotinia sclerotorium.

Control field, with visible infestation of the plant disease Sclerotinia sclerotorium.

Sustainable BioFlora® Program

In order to achieve even greater results while reducing NPK fertilizers, BioFlora® suggests Humega® be used with:

BioFlora Seaweed Creme®: should be applied at the planting of transplants and seeding to help develop a stronger root system.

BioFlora® 6-0-0 + 8% Ca: should be used at each irrigation cycle for the last two months of fertilization to strengthen the onion bulb.

BioFlora® 0-0-25: should be applied 45-60 days before harvest to prevent soft centers.