Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Farm Proven and how it works for you

What's the deal?

We use the collective buying power of members to persuade suppliers to offer members discounts, benefits and perks. By basing our business on working to get real value for farmers from recommended and trusted suppliers we keep the proposition simple.

Can I use my membership with different suppliers?

Yes you can use you membership with participating suppliers who offer deals which are time sensitive, availability driven and subject to their offer terms and conditions. Members can decide to access some or all of the deals depending on geographical or availability.

Is there a limit on the value of the deals I can claim?

In a word no. The sky the limit if you spend a lot on inputs and hit upon a suitable supplier who meets your technical and delivery criteria. Potentially the savings could be extraordinary

Can I buy one membership and share it with friends and family?

Behave yourself. Each membership is unique to that member. Deliveries of products and services from participating suppliers are intended for the Farm Proven member not your brother, uncle, sister and local mates. Naughty behaviour will result in your Farm Proven account being suspended. Suppliers will ask for your membership number and may limit their promotions to one use of your membership.

What does ‘subject to availability’ mean?

Some suppliers will post a deal for a set time or unit number. Dither and you might miss it. Simple contact the participating supplier when their promotion is active and lock in your Farm Proven deal with your membership number.

Can I cancel my Farm Proven membership?

Membership is a one off non-refundable annual payment which offers access to a range of changing supplier promotional discounts, perks and benefits. We also will be offering access to webinars and information downloads. Once you have decided on a Farm Proven 12 month membership by accepting our terms and conditions we won’t auto renew unless you instruct us to do so. If for some reason you have any concerns or dissatisfaction simply email us for a chat.

Obviously if you have used your membership with any of the Farm Proven participating suppliers you will be deemed to have enjoyed the benefits and our customer service team will

Can I get cash back?

None of the deals or offers are transferable in to cash or credit allowance. Farm Proven provides a platform for participating suppliers to offer deals and perks that are  time sensitive, availability limited, geographically specific and completely subject to the participating suppliers terms and conditions. Returning products or claims for unused services is a legal matter between you and the participating suppliers. Farm Proven hereby indemnifies itself against all and any claim for damages or loss arising from any deal or park obtained through this website.

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please write us at stephen@farmproven.com.au or 0498 733 110  (Melbourne, Australia)

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